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Becoming a member of DocuMentors gives you a fun, supportive, money-saving way to stay ahead of the curve in the documentary industry. New to the field? Membership will save you years of time navigating this very complex endeavor. A seasoned veteran? There’s plenty here for you too – the latest equipment info, funding updates, and filmmaker case studies. New features and content are being added weekly. Don’t be left out of the loop!


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Members have privileged access to DOC TALKS, our teleseminar series with documentary industry experts. You don’t want to miss this monthly event, packed with the latest info on everything from raising documentary money to getting into the best film festivals and more. Plus, listen to the inspiring and encouraging real world stories of how award-winning filmmakers have made their films a reality. You’ll have access to the DOC TALKS Archive and can listen to the recorded calls at your leisure.

"I wish to thank you for your ongoing web seminars which are timely, informative and incisive. I am a new filmmaker at 55 years of age, compelled by a story that needs to be told. I enjoy "going back to school" with you and know that the knowledge I have gained through your seminars will be something to look back on as a key to success. Thank you for your promotion of documentary film and for providing services to help make them happen." Cathy Stevulak, Producer

Guests have included:

Rahdi Taylor and Win-Sie Tow of the Sundance Documentary Fund. Win-Sie and Rahdi give inside information on how to make the strongest application to this prestigious fund.  You'll be surprised by what they say!

"Many thanks for setting up the talk with Rahdi Taylor and Win-Sie Tow. It was the most detailed and informative discussion of the Sundance Documentary Fund that I've heard to date." --Gayla Jamison, Producer

Richard Saiz, Senior Programming Manager at ITVS. Richard tells us how to maximize your chances of getting selected for funding.  ITVS gives out over $10 million a year to independent filmmakers - be one of them!

Caroline Libresco, Senior Programmer of the Sundance Film Festival. Caroline revealed tips on getting into this prestigious, career-changing venue, and also how to maximize your film festival experience.

Carole Dean, founder of the Roy W. Dean Film and Writing Grants, gave valuable tips on how to write a good grant proposal.

Karen Everett - Master Storyteller and Editing Consultant gives amazing tips to make more compelling films, leading to more funding and more success.

Erica Deiparine-Sugars, Robby Fahey and Monika Navarro - this dynamic conversation gives all the details and demystifies the ITVS Lincs process. You have to hear this!

Rosemary Rotondi - Archival Film Researcher & Expert - this is an incredibly info-rich conversation with the pre-eminent film and photo researcher working today. Rosemary reveals all of her favorite sources and methods, which can save you a ton of time and money.  This talk is accompanied by an Archival Film & Photo Database so you can do your own research.

Winnie Wong of Momentous Insurance speaks all about what you need for insurance in a variety of situations -in both production, and distribution. Hear the scoop on how to save money on E&O, General Liability, and much more!

Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg - Filmmakers of JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK - Hear the incisive, on-the-ground stories of Ricki and Annie as they attend the Sundance Film Festival and premiere their film in competition. Broadcast from Sundance Film Festival 2010.

Miriam Cutler - Renowned Documentary Composer (Lost in La Mancha, Ghosts of Abu Ghraib). Miriam talks all about when, how and why to hire a composer, what to pay them, and how to work with them for the best possible music for your film. Part of the DOCUMENTARY MUSIC VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM, archived in the Members Area, including 3 hours of interviews with Doc Music experts, contract samples, and lots of other crucial info.

"I'm a new member and really enjoyed the first audio program with Miriam Cutler. What an amazing interview. Thanks for bringing her wisdom to us!" Sylvie Rokab, Producer

World-renowned entertainment lawyer, Michael Donaldson revealed the latest in Fair Use and how it is saving documentary filmmakers thousands of dollars and changing the way we tell stories.



Get exclusive access to everything you need to make your documentary happen now. This rich, up-to-the-minute treasure trove of documentary resources includes:
Fundraising Materials that will guide you down the tricky path of fundraising:
  • Sample Trailers that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from various foundations and funders
  • Funded Proposals that have been awarded monies from sources such as ITVS and the Sundance Institute
  • Actual Budgets—Real budgets from real films.  A must-have for any beginning filmmaker. A good, realistic budget gives funders confidence in you, giving you a huge edge when seeking documentary money. You’ll also get blank budget templates and a Going Rates Table for virtually every line item in a documentary budget.


Tutorials –

  • Budgeting: Check out our new Video tutorial on Documentary Budgeting posted in the Member's Area.  A 90 minute, in-depth tutorial on Accurate Documentary Budgeting, complete with blank budget templates and a Going Rates Table and real sample budgets of all sizes - simply awesome!               "Just listened and found it real helpful. It helps me to visualize the process and to be more concrete about what's left to budget for. Also appreciate the useful tips based on your experience. I feel really lucky to have "met" you at this time." Mary Fishman, Producer
  • Grass Roots Fundraising - Web Fund Drives
  • Grass Roots Fundraising - Dinner Parties
  • Bringing on a Producing Partner - Crucial considerations when getting the support Partner you really need.
  • Navigating Film Markets for Success - How, When and Why

Templates - Also, don’t get caught in a legal quagmire – here are the crucial documents you’ve been trying to get your hands on. They will get your project started, through production and into distribution:

  • Release Forms
  • Budget Templates
  • Composer Agreements
  • And More!



  • Funding Sources - Who’s funding what right now, and how much are they giving? Maximize your chances for the most documentary money in the shortest amount of time.
  • Broadcast Buyers and Commissioners – Who are the people who make the documentary world go ‘round? Where do they work and what are they looking for now? Get privileged access to the latest information on the documentary industry marketplace.
  • Going Rates—What are the current rates for Crew, Equipment, Legal Help, Sound Mixing? You’ll need these when you’re budgeting, hiring crew, and facing the potentially exorbitant costs of post-production.
  • Archival Film & Photo Database - rich with great sources to find the images that are just perfect for your film and your budget.
  • Opportunity Database - There are many fantastic ways to enhance your career and the making of you film - Producers' Academies, Residencies, Labs, Workshops and more. Get the list here and start applying!
  • Vendor Database- find the most documentary friendly vendors so that you can get the job done right for the best price. DocuMentor Member discounts abound. (coming soon)




DocuMentors Coaching Circle:
Upgrade your DocuMentor membership to include a DocuMentors Coaching Circle. Get the support and feedback you need while making your film. Don’t get stuck in the realm of under-funding, muddled story, or poor production quality. We’ll help you with all of the tough stuff in a supportive group environment.  We’ve been there. We’ll help get you through it and onto the next level of success.

DocuMentors Private Coaching:
Unsurpassed, laser-focused, one-on-one documentary coaching with Hank and Jilann. Available now for any stage of the documentary filmmaking process. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it