About Mentoring

Through our Mentoring Services we offer a helping hand to you at any stage of production. We have ‘been there and done that’ and would love to save you some time, money and effort.

Areas of Specialty:


  • Developing your documentary idea
  • Help with film's proposal, trailer and budget
  • Grantwriting
  • Crowdfunding
  • Planning and implementing your fundraising strategy

Production and Directing

  • Provide guidance in production, directing and shooting your documentary
  • Counsel putting together a crew and bringing on a producer partner
  • Review of raw footage and rough edits


  • Rough-cut reviews and story notes
  • Distribution and Promotion Consultations
  • Social Media Marketing

We do private, one-on-one coaching, subject to availability.  We also run Coaching Circles that provide learning in a community-oriented and supportive environment. Join the mailing list to make sure you find out about upcoming opportunities!

TO GET A FREE ASSESSMENT OF YOUR NEEDS AND TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT PRIVATE MENTORING or GROUP COACHING, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it right now!



Richard Wilhelm photo  Sue photo 

RICHARD WILHELM & SUE ARBUTHNOT, currently winning on the festival circuit with "DRYLAND"

"I wanted to let you know that after we had the benefit of your great consultation session, we recut the film to a new version that we really feel tells the story we wanted to tell. We returned many times to your notes, which so often hit just the right chord." (World premiere Big Sky Documentary Film Fest, winner Best Documentary NW Filmmaker, Eugene International Film Festival 2014) 


JODY MCNICHOLAS, "JUST THIS", currently in post production.

"As a filmmaker operating within a tight budget, I need to be as efficient as possible, which is why having Jilann work with me has been the best investment I could have possibly made. I met Jilann a little over a year ago but I have been a fan of her work for years. Before I even started shooting JUST THIS, I began collaborating with her to refine the film's voice and clarify its theme overall. Throughout the entire process, she has been that true and steady voice advising me as to what needs to be done and helping me reshape, refine, re-investigate, fill in and cut when necessary. These days, she feels like an old friend. During the times when I have been in that "crisis mode" with the film, she has been a life-saver. Jilann has clearly been my anchor on this film and I consider her contribution as story consultant on this project as vital."

Leslie Epperson 

LESLIE EPPERSON, "MANY BONES, ONE HEART", currently in post production

"Before I contacted Jilann, I was struggling with undertaking a character driven documentary. I had learned the traditional essay form at PBS stations, but tackling this more challenging approach to narrative was daunting. I called Jilann and I am so glad I did. She encouraged me right away and and guided me through the difficult first step of imagining a narrative storyline. Jilann provided invaluable help on an IndieGogo campaign and then reviewed a cut of my film as it approached its final form. She cheered me on with some helpful pointers, and I am almost done with the project. I am grateful for the support and insightful critiques Jilann has provided along the way." 



"I LOVE working with Jilann. She is a fantastic "fixer!" She has consulted on a wide range of topics from budgeting to treatments.  She's a very experienced filmmaker who simply helps you get things done well!" 

HAFU postcard DAVID

MEGUMI NISHIKURA, "HAFU-The mixed-race experience in Japan", currently airing on PBS

"Jilann has been a guiding light in helping me to navigate the uncharted waters of my first feature film. She encouraged me dream big and overcome my fears and as a result my film has now screened theatrically in Japan and has aired on PBS!" 

M-Jo and Lynne

JOANN SCHUCH & LYNNE CANNING, "TRICKY BIDNESS: The Trouble with Semi-Legal Marijuana", currently on the film festival circuit

"My co-filmmaker and I worked with Jilann from the very beginning of our documentary project. She advised us on equipment and understood we were a low-budget endeavor.  Being able to talk to a third party was very useful for my partner and I. After our film was completed, Jilann was able to help us make connections as we toured with the film in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom".  - JOANN SCHUCH

"From the moment I met Jilann, she instilled in me the faith that I could make a documentary, and once my filmmaking partner and I began our process, her infectious enthusiasm and positive energy helped keep us going through the rough times. Jilann generously shared her own experiences shooting and editing her own documentaries, always reminding us that the process was a labor of love and worth the effort.  She also provided valuable technical support and feedback along the way as well as important insights into the world of distribution.  Jilann is simply an amazing person to know, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from and work with her!" - LYNNE CANNING

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