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DOCUMENTARY TIP #5: Places to Pitch Documentary Ideas

A really great place to pitch if you are newer to the biz, or even a seasoned producer, is at a conference or film festival. Conferences such as Hot Docs in Toronto, WestDoc in Los Angeles, Independent Film Week in New York, or IDFA in Amsterdam, will have pitching sessions where you can sign up to pitch to broadcasters and funders. You have to register for these conferences and pay a fee (and usually you have to apply to get a pitch session), but the connections you make from these pitch sessions can prove invaluable and could get you your funding.

DOCUMENTARY TIP #4: The Incredible Fair Use Doctrine

If you've never heard of Fair Use, you are missing one of the most important developments to come down the documentary pike in recent years. We recently had a DOC TALKS webinar with attorney Michael C. Donaldson about this topic. When used properly, the Fair Use Safe Harbor can save you thousands and thousands of dollars when licensing film and music clips.

DOCUMENTARY TIP #3: Documentary Broadcasters

So, just what sort of shows are the broadcasters looking for right now? What are the philosophies of these networks, and what are some tips on pitching to them? And once you have your idea, how in the world do you get your idea in front of these people? We've set out to answer these questions for you and you can find the info here and in our Members Area in our new Broadcaster Database. We’re also in the midst of creating a new Documentary How To audio course addressing these questions. We’ll let you know when that’s ready.  But in the meantime, here’s some of the scoop…

DOCUMENTARY TIP #2: Year-end Fundraising

Did you know that as we approach year's end, it is a perfect time to be fundraising for a documentary film? Now is the time when private individuals and foundations assess their yearly budgets and how much money they need to give away by December 31st to get certain tax breaks.

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