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CROWDFUNDING: Tips for Success


Listen to this great interview with filmmaker Jamie Buckner about how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Jamie shares several strategies for success.


Check out Jamie's Kickstarter page here. Make sure you look at the Updates Tab, and read from the bottom up. You'll see how he ran his campaign from start to finish.

Like Jamie's Facebook page for his film, Split


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DOCUMENTARY TIP #11:Finding & Building your Audience

This is a DocuMentors Tip about using Social Media Marketing and the Internet to build your audience even before you begin shooting. When you start building your audience this early, it not only helps you with distribution but with funding as well. You can use your fan base to bring in grassroots documentary funding and donations. (If you're a DocuMentors member, Listen to our Web Fund Drive tutorial in the Members Area for more info). And in terms of distribution, it can help you to sell-out in theaters when you release your film, and generate great DVD and VOD sales. Having a large fan base can also give you leverage when negotiating distribution deals. And better yet, it can give you solid revenues if you go the DIY route.

DOCUMENTARY TIP #10: FIlm Web Sites and SEO

If you joined the SEO Webinar, here are the resources we mentioned:

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DOCUMENTARY TIP #9: Pitching in the International Marketplace

Ideas can be easy to come by. But the money for these ideas can be hard to find. One of the key ways to connect the idea to the money is through a pitch to a funder, like a commissioning editor within the International marketplace. CarolAnn Short, a member of the DocuMentors staff, recently attended a panel at IDFA on pitching and financing called “Financing and Producing: Starting Smart”. The panel was moderated by Debra Zimmerman of Women Make Movies, and included panelists Mila Aung-Thwin,  Producer/Director at EyeSteelFilm, Heino Deckert of Deckert Distribution, and Olaf Grünert, Head of Thema for ARTE, France.

The panelists set out to address the following questions: How do you convince financiers to fund your documentary project? What are alternative financing models? What are some dos and don’ts when setting out to navigate in the international documentary financing scene?

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