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A Ready Documentary Proposal

I have been working with a researcher on a proposal for a new documentary project. It's a bit of a documentary spin-off, if you will, ‘cause it has to do with Shakespeare in an unusual setting. Anyways, she and I have been going back and forth on research and proposal writing for about 2 months now. At our last meeting, she asked me, “So how do you know when your proposal is ready?” Great question!

Pitching Documentary Ideas At WestDoc

We just went to a Documentary and Reality conference in LA called WestDoc, a great 3-day event full of seminars and meets and greets with funders, programmers, agents, and filmmakers.  All in all, it was an amazing conference, and we plan to go again next year. One of the best things about WestDoc is that we were able to meet one-on-one with a few network programmers. These meetings are gold!

Keeping The Faith

Hey there!  You’ve just found an invaluable resource for documentary filmmakers.  Welcome! It is so exciting to put all of our knowledge into a form where others can benefit from the maddening mistakes, painful failures, and happy successes. Doing this site makes me realize that even all of the difficult experiences I’ve had along the way as a filmmaker have helped me and have had a purpose.

Stretching Our Spirits

I was working with one of the people I’m mentoring today, Katie, and she had a really interesting observation about the documentary process, which I felt was so right on. We were watching footage that she had shot of teenagers attending a class on gender stereotypes and social pressures. There were about twenty teens in a gym, listening to a young woman give the lesson. When the teacher asked the kids questions, generally, they were very reticent. In other words, they were a tough crowd.

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