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Hank's Sundance Blog 2010- Entry #3

Just pix today...


Annie Sundberg & Hank at the Premiere of



Joan Rivers at the premiere of the film


Joan and the filmmakas! (also Fest Director John Cooper on the Left)

P.S. If you're at Sundance, look for Hank in the DocuMentors ski hat, or pick up a DocuMentors postcard to get the SUNDANCE SPECIAL!! (Special Membership offer)


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Hank's Sundance Blog 2010- Entry #2

Sundance Scene and Overherd

-The snow was constant yesterday, but it has stopped today.  Getting around is still challenging--seems like there are fewer shuttles this year?? I am in the Filmmakers Lodge right now and I just heard someone say, “Damn, this place has gotten huge” (meaning the fest). I do remember coming the year after 9/11, and that seems like a ghost town compared with now.


Hank with Caroline Libresco, Sr Programmer at the fest.

Hank's Sundance Film Fest 2010 Blog - Entry #1

So a few days before leaving for Sundance, I became totally obsessed with the weather...watching the Weather Channel, looking at on-line weather reports, listening to radio updates or cable news stories, as well as asking friends what they had heard. Those LA rain storms (3 of them!) were coming right across my driving route between Santa Fe and Park City. Right smack through northern New Mexico and all of Utah. The last thing I wanted was to end up in some snowbank outside of Moab, so I went on to Google maps again and asked for a different route. I did not like what I found: North to Denver, up to Wyoming and into Utah from the north.  At least 4-5 hours longer, all interstate, lots of trucks. No way! Was it going to be worth it?


See the film FOOD, INC!

Okay, anyone who eats must see the film FOOD, INC. Clearly, that means all of us. I watched it a couple of days ago and it is haunting me. In a good way. It's making me reexamine my thoughts and actions around food and I am already making changes in our family's food habits. I am taking immediate action. No more school lunches, no more Coke (which I LOVE), no more factory -farmed meat, which we didn't eat much of anyway, but absolutely NO MORE OF IT. The film is that affecting.

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