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Documentary Budgeting - I'm Dreaming!

How the heck are you supposed to know what your film is going to cost before you even begin shooting it? I am working on a budget right now for the film that we want to shoot this summer, STILL DREAMING, and it’s a bit like dreaming up your treatment when you don’t know how your film is going to play out. It’s a series of creative and educated guesses that can dramatically impact your film. (catch our free Budget Q&A call on Thursday March 25th - Register now!)

Guest Blog by Karen Everett

Here's a guest blog from our DOC TALKS expert interview for March 18th, Karen Everett of

Advice to Filmmakers: Reverse Engineer Your Psychobabble

I had the pleasure of having a former psychotherapist in my recent weekend seminar, "Structuring the Character Driven Documentary". When we began our story focusing exercises, he was picked to be the guinea pig. One of the documentary story exercises involves filling out three simple sentences, which provide the skeletal backbone for acts one, two and three.

All Your Film Eggs In One Basket - Documentary Ideas

Just about one year ago today, I had one of those NPR Driveway moments.  Are you familiar with those? You're on a drive home, you hear a captivating story on National Public Radio, and when its still not done as you pull into your driveway, you just sit in the car until its finished. Well, when I heard this story last November about ancient greek theater, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the Iraq war and Paul Giamatti, I was convinced I had another film in the making.

Staying Power: Documentary Film Storytelling

One of my documentary students, Judith, is coming to the documentary filmmaking process later in life. Instead of taking a nice, easy retirement, she is unpacking personal home video she shot years ago with her partner Jess, as Jess was dealing with extremely painful and isolating chronic illnesses. The subject is very emotional and the footage, although now several years old, is still very raw for Judith.

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