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Adventures in Documentary Shooting: Day #1


What is it like to be an artists near the end of one's life? Does one still have the creative drive, or are there too many dreams unfulfilled to have any motivation for creativity? Can we still be creative as our health declines and death nears? These are the types of questions I raised to potential funders during the last year about our film called 'Still Dreaming', a doc film about Shakespeare being done in an old folks home. The main response I kept getting from funders was 'love the idea, can we see some footage?'


Adventures in Fundraising #3: The Low Hanging Fruit

So we have been fundraising for our film 'Still Dreaming' which is about a group of aged entertainers doing Shakespeare. Since this project is similar to 'Shakespeare Behind Bars', we decided to go back to those who funded that film. Why not, right? Go to the ones who are the easiest sell first. Try for the low hanging fruit to start—that way you'll have energy to get the hard to reach apples later.

Adventures in Fundraising #2: Full Circle

Twenty some odd years ago, Jilann and I made a film about Native American Elders called 'Bless Me With A Good Life'. Since this film was about an elderly population, we received a great deal of support from AARP. So now that we are fundraising for another film on old folks, I thought maybe we could go back to them. Maybe we could come full circle with this project and partner up with AARP again.

Adventures in Fundraising #1: Making Contact

When looking for funding from a foundation or granting organization, one of the first things I try to do is get a contact person. This can save me time in the long run, because once I get a live person on the phone, I can run the idea by them to see if they are at all interested. If they are not, well too bad, but I have also saved myself a lot of time by not having to fill out a potentially colossal grant application. But sometimes just getting to that live person can be the hardest part—its an exercise in persistence and perhaps a little cleverness.

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