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Adventures in Fundraising #3: The Low Hanging Fruit

So we have been fundraising for our film 'Still Dreaming' which is about a group of aged entertainers doing Shakespeare. Since this project is similar to 'Shakespeare Behind Bars', we decided to go back to those who funded that film. Why not, right? Go to the ones who are the easiest sell first. Try for the low hanging fruit to start—that way you'll have energy to get the hard to reach apples later.

Well the broadcasters who supported 'Shakespeare Behind Bars' have all taken the 'wait and see footage' approach, so no action there. They are interested for sure, but not until we get some skin in the game. Broadcasters tend to like that in general—to know that you have invested some time and money into the project. Makes them feel more secure about your commitment—and theirs.

Next we approached organizations that had ties to the subject matter—the American Association for Retired Persons, and a public TV station in the state where the film takes place—see posts for Adventures in Fundraising #1 and #2. Nothing.

Finally, we approached private donors who have given to our projects in the past: a private foundation, and a celebrity actor. While the initial response seemed so positive, we still have not gotten any checks in the mail.

Hmmm. Where do you turn when you just can't seem to get the love? Your family and friends, of course. (At least I hope so!) Actually our family brought it up after hearing my update on the fundraising saga. Knowing that contributions are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, family decided to offer us a 5K matching grant.

So, we've begun shooting today! Just spent our first day on location and will be there through the week shooting footage for the fundraising trailer.

The low hanging fruit sure is sweet...


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