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Hank's Sundance Blog 2010- Entry #2

Sundance Scene and Overherd

-The snow was constant yesterday, but it has stopped today.  Getting around is still challenging--seems like there are fewer shuttles this year?? I am in the Filmmakers Lodge right now and I just heard someone say, “Damn, this place has gotten huge” (meaning the fest). I do remember coming the year after 9/11, and that seems like a ghost town compared with now.


Hank with Caroline Libresco, Sr Programmer at the fest.

Still, even with the mass of people descending on the city, it is an incredibly well run show. That is thanks in large part to the volunteers I think—all 1800 of them. The Institute has about 100 staff year round, then they bring on about 100 more for the fest. Other than that its all vols. And these folks really want to help you—they want to find out what you need, what you're looking for—they're great.

-I was a Shorts screening yesterday, and the guy who intro'd the films said that Sundance got 6000 short film submissions this year, and they programmed 70. Whats the math on that?

-People come to the fest to walk main street and troll for celebs. I heard Ben Affleck was creating quite a crowd, and I passed Michael Chiklis today. The sidewalks are continuously blocked by flocks around someone 'famous'. I am so outa da loop that I am not recognizing many faces in these spontaneous crowds. I passed by one gaggle yesterday, and did not recognize the guy who was signing autographs. Then a young lady said she wanted to tell him how much she loved him on General Hospital. Main Street is always good for a chuckle.

-At a panel yesterday on Media Marketing, a panelist referred to 'District 9' as an “independent film,” because it had a budget of $30 million. The crowd groaned. More proof that the 'indy film' label has become as ubiquitous as 'fat free'.

-Everyone seems to be hitting the wall today. So many people I spoke with were just plain tired—I saw about 5 people asleep at the Filmmakers Lodge at one point.  The opening weekend adreneline has worn off, and the altitude has just sucked the juice outa everyone. Good thing the Perky Jerky car showed up today.  Its caffeinated beef jerky, the world's first all-natural performance enhancing meat snack. Or as Conan O'Brien called it 'Morning Beefsteak.'


Stay tuned for my updates on films, panels, and festival buzz over the next week!-- Hank

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