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CIRCLE OF STORIES is a remarkable collection of Native American stories from the Four Directions, told on video and enriched with luminous images and music. Hosted by the accessible and well-loved Melissa Nelson, PhD (Turtle Mountain Chippewa), the film speaks to the depth and relevance of Native storytelling for all people today.



From the East, Tchin (Narragansett/Blackfeet), tells us "How" and "Why" stories - whimsical and sometimes hilarious stories about how things came to be on this Earth.  He also talks about the Native American experience, and the importance of the storytelling craft. Tchin is also a renowned flute player, who created all of the music on the DVD.

From the South, Hoskie Benally, Jr. (Navajo/Dine) tells stories that contain moral and ethical codes of conduct - how to live in the world in balance, and why a connection to Spirit is crucial to our health. His stories also contain the knowledge of why certain herbs are sacred to Native people, such as sage, cedar and tobacco.

From the West, renowned healer and nuclear activist Corbin Harney (Western Shoshone) speaks about our connection to the environment, and how it is our charge to take care of Mother Earth. Corbin tells us how to do this in colorful song and speech. He also tells us what to do if we meet a bear on the path!

From the North, Rosella Goodwill Archdale (Lakota/Dakota) gives us a traditional foods cooking lesson, as well as a beading lesson. More than just a "how to", Rosella's stories are filled with a connection to Great Spirit and how to live in harmony in all that we do. Her narrative speaks of the deep connections that seemingly every-day tasks can embody - a relationship to ancestors, to the earth and to spiritual life.


Loaded with extras and hailed by educators as a key tool for many disciplines, Circle of Stories is engaging and fulfilling for all age levels.  With lesson plans and a full companion website on, Circle of Stories is a true treasure for educators and every day viewers alike.

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"An invaluable resource for educators and students
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Joanne Barker, Ph.D., Chair, Assoc. Prof of American Indian Studies,
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"A rare gem of a film!"
Bethany Muller, Professor of Education, Santa Fe Community College


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